From the best Tea Farms in Kenya , We bring you Top Quality Tea.

We understand that as much as all teas come from the same plant, every tea variety has its unique identity and it needs to be processed specially. For this reason, all our plants are processed using the single cultivar processing method to maintain their uniqueness.

Our brand has both the farmer and consumer at heart. We love and care for our farmers, and we want to make sure that they get maximum returns after all the hard work that they put in growing these teas organically and ethically. We also keep the consumers of our tea at heart. Our mission is to give you maximum value for your money and the guarantee that your tastebuds will dance with every sip of Trastea tea!

Trastea prides itself in having our teas sourced from tea plantations that practice ethical farming that is in line with the directions by the proponents of ethical farming. For this reason, we give the guarantee that all our teas are high quality, certified, organic, and ethical.

Our Tea Field

The map shows where our Teas are gotten from in Kenya. Our Farmers follow the ethical standards of sustainable farming in growing our tea. 

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