Tumoi Tea

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  • Orthodox Tea

    Glowing Green

    This clean, smooth green tea is unlike any other in
    the market. The leaves steep through multiple infusions to produce a vibrant
    green liqueur with a smooth vegetal taste and notes of crisp  asparagus or fresh
    cabbage. It’s a very smooth drink that isn’t bitter or acidic.

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  • Orthodox Tea

    Purple Love

    This tea has
    all the essential antioxidants and polyphenols that make it a healthy tea. The
    high levels of anthocyanins give the liquor a pink/purple hue and the cup opens
    to a rich woody taste.

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  • Orthodox Tea

    White Rhino

    The dry leaves have a velvety white finish with the cup opening to a clear liquor of a subtle floral taste with sweet notes.

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